PURL service


Takes a PURL and returns the real path as TXT.


Takes a PURL and returns the image Path as TXT, if stored, otherwise an empty string is returned.


Takes a PURL and returns the image URL at the scaler all parameters are passed through, if stored, otherwise an empty string is returned.


Searched the PURL or all PURLs, wich belong to the PATH the internal search format is "LIKE"


needs a parameter ?q=PATH


expects at \n separated list of paths and returns a list with the path and the purl.


Is explained at https://it-dev.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/tracs/metadataprovider/wiki/purls.


The viewer configuration in stored in viewer.config.



The format is:



Redirects to the index.meta file of the source, if existing.


get new purls GET: returns an simple web page to enter username and amount of purls needed POST: expects the parameter "userName" and "amount"", return list of purls


gives the path to the index.meta at the storage system as XML eg. purls/searchSolr?text-url-path=/diverse/de/Einst_Beric_de_1907.xml an additional parameter format=short suppresses the additional metadata in the output.


get a list of all DRIs.

Optional parameters are:

  1. offset: start list at offset
  2. limit: limit number of entries return
  3. format, is ether json or csv